Our Philosophy

At Two Rivers Early Learning we are committed to provide the highest quality of care for each individual child, we aim to guide your child’s development through their early years by providing a safe, nurturing, clean and welcoming environment, this will allow each child to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

At Two Rivers Early Learning we believe that ‘Play is a child’s work’ therefore our curriculum is focused around play-based learning which caters for each individual child’s strengths, interests and needs.  Through play, children learn to build trusting relationships.  Our curriculum is focused around play-based learning; on the theory that a child’s play is their work, which has been individually personalised. Through this ‘play’ children learn to build relationships and interact positively with their peers, families, educators and the environment. Children will engage in ‘play’ that develops their sense of self, problem solving abilities, confidence, conflict resolution, knowledge of their world and communication skills.

At Two Rivers Early Learning we believe that families are a child’s first educator and we encourage regular family input, this may include what you have been doing at home, any talents you may have or family cultural celebrations.

At Two Rivers Early Learning we value and respect cultural diversity and creating positive relationships with our families, children, educators and the community.  Our service demonstrates these values by celebrating cultural events such as NAIDOC Week, Harmony Day and Book Week.   

At Two Rivers Early Learning we believe community involvement is also a crucial part of our service, by including our community we are assisting each child to develop a strong sense of belonging.  The children are able to identify with parts of the community, we are able to include excursions and incursions to further build on the children’s knowledge of the world around us.

At Two Rivers Early Learning we believe that children should be given equal opportunities in their early childhood education, therefore we strive to challenge and provide and opportunities for each individual child based on their skills and abilities.

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